Monday, July 30, 2012

I Know Why the Caged Rat Runs


I know what the caged rat feels, I say, 
when the moon shines bright upon the brush
when the sunset sends out its last ray
with the earth still pulsing the warmth of day.
When the spring comes quietly, in no rush
and the seeds emerge as delicious meals,
I know how the caged rat feels

I know why the caged rat builds its nest
when the bedding will just be changed,
its work its effort its strength invest
in a task that requires its all, its best
each times its world gets rearranged,
it goes back to work with little rest
I know why the caged rat builds its nest

I know why the cages rat runs, I know
paws beating, pounding on the wheel
thinking, knowing it has a place to go
a goal to reach, something to show
it stops for moments to let wounds heal
then resumes its race for its reasons
I know why the caged rat runs.


Based on Paul Lawrence Dunbar's Sympathy

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