Thursday, November 7, 2013

Official SfN Neurobloggers 2013

Due to starting a major simulation this summer, I am not going to the annual society for neuroscience meeting in San Diego this year. And therefore I won't be neuroblogging it like I did last year.

I look forward to reading the posts and tweets from the official neurobloggers this year.

Here they are:

From Brains to Beyonce by @Spork15

House of Mind by  @houseofmind

Neuron Physics by @Eric_Melonakos

NeuroscienceDC by @NeuroscienceDC

Neurolore by @TheMrsZam

NeuroCultureBlog by @LaSaks87

Churchland lab by @anne_churchland

Dormivigilia by @beastlyvaulter

Neurorexia by @ShellyFan

On Psychology and Neuroscience by @astroglia

Más Ciencia por México by @mrenteria_

Imagining Science by @DrImmySmith

Corona Radiata by  @JohnKubie

Follow the #SfN13 hashtag on twitter to find all the unofficial coverage of the conference.

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  1. Very good reason to miss the meeting and looking forward to hearing more! Hope you enjoy my posts during the meeting this year.