Friday, January 11, 2013

On Selling and Over-Selling Science

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Science communication is a persistent topic of ... well communication. Who is responsible for communicating science? How can science be best communicated to the public? What can we to do stop sensationalist and misleading articles from controlling what findings are generally accepted in the public sphere?

All these questions rise up in science blogs and on twitter and then fade back into the background. Then something happens and a flurry of posts about communicating science float to the surface again.

I have decided to join this party, and have written a Guest Editorial at the Biological Bulletin.

It's called "On Selling and Over-Selling Science" and is about trying to find that perfect balance between communicating a scientific finding accurately and accessibly.

I'd love to hear new opinions on this. So feel free to follow the link and leave a comment about it here. 

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I was not able to use my 'blogging name' like Neuroskeptic was, so here is the article and my identity along with it:
Evans RC (2012). Guest editorial on selling and over-selling science. The Biological bulletin, 223 (3), 257-8 PMID: 23264470


  1. Nice! Well done. I will read this with interest & I've a talk on this topic coming up, so I'll make sure cite you!