Friday, January 4, 2013

Cellular Recap of 2012 #2: favorites

As promised, here are my favorite posts from each month.

January: The Human Neuron" not so special after all?

Butti C, Santos M, Uppal N, & Hof PR (2011). Von Economo neurons: Clinical and evolutionary perspectives. Cortex; a journal devoted to the study of the nervous system and behavior PMID: 22130090

February: If you give a mouse a placebo...

Wise RA, Wang B, & You ZB (2008). Cocaine serves as a peripheral interoceptive conditioned stimulus for central glutamate and dopamine release. PloS one, 3 (8) PMID: 18682722 

March: Plant neurons: Sensation and Action in the Venus Flytrap

Benolken RM, & Jacobson SL (1970). Response properties of a sensory hair excised from Venus's flytrap. The Journal of general physiology, 56 (1), 64-82 PMID: 5514161

Volkov AG, Adesina T, & Jovanov E (2007). Closing of venus flytrap by electrical stimulation of motor cells. Plant signaling & behavior, 2 (3), 139-45 PMID: 19516982  

Forterre Y, Skotheim JM, Dumais J, & Mahadevan L (2005). How the Venus flytrap snaps. Nature, 433 (7024), 421-5 PMID: 15674293

April: Real or Not Real? Neurotorture

Kindt M, Soeter M, & Vervliet B (2009). Beyond extinction: erasing human fear responses and preventing the return of fear. Nature neuroscience, 12 (3), 256-8 PMID: 19219038

May: Dendrites of Direction

Kim IJ, Zhang Y, Yamagata M, Meister M, & Sanes JR (2008). Molecular identification of a retinal cell type that responds to upward motion. Nature, 452 (7186), 478-82 PMID: 18368118

Kay JN, De la Huerta I, Kim IJ, Zhang Y, Yamagata M, Chu MW, Meister M, & Sanes JR (2011). Retinal ganglion cells with distinct directional preferences differ in molecular identity, structure, and central projections. The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience, 31 (21), 7753-62 PMID: 21613488

June: What do Mirror Neurons look like?

Kraskov A, Dancause N, Quallo MM, Shepherd S, & Lemon RN (2009). Corticospinal neurons in macaque ventral premotor cortex with mirror properties: a potential mechanism for action suppression? Neuron, 64 (6), 922-30 PMID: 20064397

Casile A, Caggiano V, & Ferrari PF (2011). The mirror neuron system: a fresh view. The Neuroscientist : a review journal bringing neurobiology, neurology and psychiatry, 17 (5), 524-38 PMID: 21467305 

July: The Shape of a Memory

Blackiston DJ, Silva Casey E, & Weiss MR (2008). Retention of memory through metamorphosis: can a moth remember what it learned as a caterpillar? PloS one, 3 (3) PMID: 18320055

August: How to Build a Neuron: Step 1

Marx M, Günter RH, Hucko W, Radnikow G, & Feldmeyer D (2012). Improved biocytin labeling and neuronal 3D reconstruction. Nature protocols, 7 (2), 394-407 PMID: 22301777 

September: Taste cells in weird parts of your body

Finger TE, & Kinnamon SC (2011). Taste isn't just for taste buds anymore. F1000 biology reports, 3 PMID: 21941599
 October: Can you turn a rat gay? 

Triana-Del Rio R, Montero-Domínguez F, Cibrian-Llanderal T, Tecamachaltzi-Silvaran MB, Garcia LI, Manzo J, Hernandez ME, & Coria-Avila GA (2011). Same-sex cohabitation under the effects of quinpirole induces a conditioned socio-sexual partner preference in males, but not in female rats. Pharmacology, biochemistry, and behavior, 99 (4), 604-13 PMID: 21704064

 November: Growing 3D cells 

Labour MN, Banc A, Tourrette A, Cunin F, Verdier JM, Devoisselle JM, Marcilhac A, & Belamie E (2012). Thick collagen-based 3D matrices including growth factors to induce neurite outgrowth. Acta biomaterialia, 8 (9), 3302-12 PMID: 22617741

December: Cortical spine growth and learning how to eat pasta

Fu M, Yu X, Lu J, & Zuo Y (2012). Repetitive motor learning induces coordinated formation of clustered dendritic spines in vivo. Nature, 483 (7387), 92-5 PMID: 22343892

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