Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A cellular 2012

It's been an exciting first year of blogging here at The Cellular Scale.
Glowing Neuron
Let's take a look back at the Cellular year, shall we?

I am going to do this two ways: Today I'll post the first sentence of the first post of each month from this blog as is a blogging tradition. Next post, I'll list my personal favorite posts from each month.

January: "Hello and welcome to The Cellular Scale."

February: "Food smells better when you're hungry, right?"

March: "Another adventure out side the "cellular neuroscience" walls for The Cellular Scale."

April: "I love reading other blog posts about ridiculous scientific (and unscientific) claims."

May: "How do you build a virtual environment for a worm?"

June: "Andrew Huxley is one of the founders of both modern electrophysiology and  computational neuroscience, and is consequently a personal hero of mine."

July: "...toward preventing PTSD symptoms."

August: "Zebra finches are a popular model for language learning because unlike most research animals which may have instinctual vocalizations, zebra finches (the male ones at least) learn their signature song from experience."

September: "I have always believed that scientific research is another domain where a form of optimism is essential to success: I have yet to meet a successful scientist who lacks the ability to exaggerate the importance of what he or she is doing, and I believe that someone who lacks a delusional sense of significance will wilt in the face of repeated experiences of multiple small failures and rare successes, the fate of most researchers"     -Daniel Kahneman

October: "It's about to get really neuro-heavy here at The Cellular Scale because of the impending Society for Neuroscience annual conference."

November: "Time to get back to Answering Your Questions."

December: "Seriously."

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