Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Give someone 'the flu' for Christmas

The Flu (source)
I mean look at how cute that is. It's the perfect gift for the scientist or child of a scientist in your life.

And if you rather not give a stuffed flu microbe to your friends, how about 'beer yeast', or even the 'common cold'?
The Common Cold (source)
You can buy these and other plush giant microbes over at thinkgeek.

But giant microbes are not for everyone. Fortunately here is a Cellular guide to holiday gift giving:

For your more sophisticated science friends, perhaps some double-helix shelving.

DNA shelf (Tom Schneider)
Or maybe a lovely pyramidal neuron necklace. (I totally want this)

Pyramidal neuron necklace (Morphologica)
or a classy neuron tie.

neuron tie (Fractal Spin)

And something the whole family can enjoy.

Petri dish ornament (Artologica)
That's a start, if you know of any other great science gifts, feel free to add them in the comments.

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  1. I love the giant microbes! They are so cute, I will likely be buying some for the kid to play with. And I love the double helix shelf--I've never seen that one before. Hmm, too many things to add to my wish list.