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Welcome to the LMAYQ index.
I have found great enjoyment looking through some of the search terms that people have used to find The Cellular Scale.  The best ones are usually questions. Questions that my blog does not answer. 

Here is the full "Let Me Answer Your Questions" series. 

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LMAYQ part 1:
     "Do neurons make you smart?"
     "Does Shrek wear pants?"
     "Why is it better to play female Mass Effect?"

LMAYQ part 2:
     "Can odor be recorded?"

LMAYQ part 3: Safety First
     "Will Parkinson's doctor let me have DBS?"
     "Does DBS cure Parkinson' Disease?"
     "What happens when you give a mouse cocaine?"

LMAYQ part 4: Relationship Advice
     "Is there a difference in dopamine level between men and women?"
     "Why are all women bitches?"
     "Do guys like cerebral women?"

LMAYQ part 5: Eating
     "What is the physiological mechanisms makes food smell better when you are hungry?"
     "Best Madeleine Recipe"How t
     "What does a mouse eat?"

LMAYQ part 6: How to do things
     "How to make a football out of construction paper"
     "How to beat Mass Effect without Shepard dying"
     "How to draw a Pokemon character"
     "How to kill a small man"

LMAYQ part 7: Seriously Deep Questions
     "Do thoughts look like trees?"
     "Why Neuroscience?"
     "Do neurons tell you how to move or do they fire in response?"

LMAYQ part 8: Why do I like that?
    "Why do I like ketamine so much?"
    "What do neurons like?"
    "Why do men like big women?"

LMAYQ part 9: Scales
    "Can you give a rat scales?"
    "Does the giant squid have scales?"
    "How to turn your phone into a scale"
    "What is the scale on the cellular level?"

LMAYQ part 10: Mirror Neurons
    "What do mirror neurons look like?"
    "Do mirror neurons fire when you die?"
    "What does it mean to have a mirrored brain?"
    "Is love nothing but mirror cells?"

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